Fullstack Engineer

A Bit About EHRV 

Engineering is at the heart of Elite HRV, a fast-growing well-funded early stage company. Publicly we have built the top HRV biomarker toolkit for health, wellness, stress management, and fitness. But behind the scenes we’re creating a game-changing new technology for biomarker detection with AI at its core.

Your work will empower people on all 7 continents to look, feel, and perform better in life, work and play. You will change lives for the better by creating next generation products that are a bridge to the future of human-tech interaction.


The Opportunity

  • As a fullstack engineer, you’ll help us build, test and deploy large scale apps on mobile, web, and cloud/servers
  • You’ll develop new features and fix bugs on new and existing iOS/Android applications and SDKs
  • You’ll support backend development on APIs that support our apps and also interface directly with customers
  • You’ll design client-side and server-side architecture for all the above
  • You’ll support data scientists and signal processing engineers to improve model performance on edge devices
  • You’ll be presented with unlimited opportunities for learning, growth and mentorship. If you’re a generalist with a sound programming foundation, and a lifelong learning mentality, you’ll rapidly expand upon your skillset (iOS, Android, JS, Cloud)
  • You’ll become familiar with heart rate variability and how it can be used in a variety of software applications to help companies leverage this technology and improve people’s lives.


The Team

  • You’ll join a team of eager and fearless learners focused on making great products for our customers.
  • If you’re attracted to solving tough problems and a collaborative learning approach with lots of mentorship opportunities, you’ll fit in well. You’ll work most closely with the ML Engineering, Product Management, QA and core Engineering teams.
  • Role and Impact: Your contribution is important, immediate and impactful to us, our users, and through our mission, the world.
  • Lifestyle: You’ll have flexible hours and vacation, and a conscious focus on work-life balance (outdoor walking meetings – yes please!). From whatever perfect location suits you most ideally – as long as you have good internet access.
  • Team and Culture: You’re part of a deeply collaborative, dedicated, respectful, diverse and transparent team driven to learn, grow and make a massive impact, together.
  • Career Advancement: We are solving truly hard problems. So you’ll get unlimited opportunities for challenge, ownership, mentorship and professional growth, plus financial support and expectations to continuously upskill and hone your craft.
  • Product: We’re building unique products that upend the current expectations, using a cutting-edge tech stack and great home office setups.


Tech Stack

Elite HRV has always been a remote organization (before it was cool!), so you’ll use world-class remote communication, collaboration and project-tracking tools on your fast, new, company-issued hardware.

For your technical output, you’ll use various front-end tools with an emphasis on mobile app development, supported by various back-end languages (see Skill Set below for more details). You’ll also work in AWS and use tools to navigate the deployment of unique deep learning models at scale (Pytorch, Tensorflow Lite, CoreML, etc)

We expect that as a lifelong learner, you will find and show us other tools that need to be adopted!


Skill Set and Interests

  • The most important aspect of your skill set is a solid foundation in software engineering and all that entails in addition to clean/efficient/secure/performant code. But we are not picky how you figured that out!
  • You’ve worked in mobile development (iOS, Android, Xcode, Swift, C, C++, etc)
  • You’re good with multiple front-end languages and libraries/frameworks, like React Native, Angular, HTML/CSS, JS, TypeScript, JSON, or others.
  • The below skills are nice to have, but if you are a strong programmer with a desire to learn and upskill, you’ll be able to pick them up smoothly:
    • Familiarity with back-end languages, like PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, or others.
    • Familiarity with database fundamentals and Object Relational Mappers, knowing their strengths and limitations for array based scientific computing and ML
  • Tip: You’ll have even more fun if you already have an interest in improving the human condition (even if it’s just your own).


Within 3 Months You Will

  • Watch your work get deployed into the real world, via real products, to change real people’s lives
  • Set up dev environments and be fully connected with all the required tools
  • Successfully clone and build mobile applications, having committed code for several projects
  • Assist us with recruiting efforts as we build a talented engineering team around you
  • Know more than you ever thought possible about how human physiology quantitatively responds to the rigors of stress, activity, nutrition, sleep and the environment.
  • Sprint alongside an outstanding and passionate team of ML and Product engineers


You Will Help Elite HRV

  • Scale our products to an exponentially larger range of devices.
  • Help our artificial intelligence be faster and more accurate, and more insightful
  • Using deep biomarker insights, push the boundaries of human-tech interaction towards a new horizon of personalized experiences


“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson

Join a talented close-knit team dedicated to planting a tree for the future.