Machine Learning Deployment Engineer


A Bit About EHRV 

Engineering is at the heart of Elite HRV, a fast-growing well-funded early stage company. Publicly we have built the top HRV biomarker toolkit for health, wellness, stress management, and fitness. But behind the scenes we’re creating a game- changing new technology for real-time biomarker detection with AI at its core.

Your work will empower people on all 7 continents to look, feel, and perform better in life, work and play. You will change lives for the better by creating next generation products that are a bridge to the future of human-tech interaction.


The Opportunity

  • As a Machine Learning Deployment Engineer, you’ll help us deploy machine learning models at scale on iOS/Android devices, browsers, and cloud/servers.
  • You’ll lead the securing and integration of trained models to do inference on edge devices.
  • You’ll solve for optimal model performance on devices, including NPU/GPU/CPU utilization, runtime memory usage and model size/storage.
  • You’ll manage the development/deployment lifecycle as models are developed, tested, versioned and deployed.
  • You’ll be the lead on production operations for models and runtime inference, which means you’ll develop tools for managing/ monitoring/ logging/ alerts/ troubleshooting/ debugging exceptions with models on devices.
  • You’ll teach us (the engineering and R&D teams) how to ensure best practices for model operations.
  • You’ll become familiar with heart rate variability and how it can be used in a variety of software applications to help companies leverage this technology and improve people’s lives.


The Team

  • You’ll join a team where everyone excited to help solve challenging problems and focused on making great products for our customers.
  • You’ll work most closely with the R&D Team, the VP of Engineering, and the Product Team.
  • Role and Impact: Your contribution is important, immediate and impactful to us, our users, and through our mission, the world.
  • Lifestyle: You have flexible hours and vacation, and a conscious focus on work-life balance (outdoor walking meetings – yes please!). From whatever perfect location suits you most ideally – as long as you have good internet access.
  • Team and Culture: You’re part of a deeply collaborative, dedicated, respectful, diverse and transparent team driven to learn, grow and make a massive impact, together.
  • Career Advancement: We are solving truly hard problems. So you’ll get unlimited opportunities for challenge, ownership, mentorship and professional growth, plus financial support and expectations to continuously upskill and hone your craft.
  • Product: We’re building unique products that upend the current expectations, using a cutting-edge tech stack and great home office setups.
  • Compensation: You’ll not just receive a competitive salary. You’ll also receive education, wellness and workplace stipends, a 401K better than 90% of similar companies, and the opportunity to participate in the company’s ongoing success as a shareholder, among other benefits.


Tech Stack

  • You will use TensorFlow and TF Lite, PyTorch, Python, NumPy, C++, AWS and MLKit, as well as other tools you see fit for the needs.
  • Elite HRV has always been a remote organization (before it was cool!), so you’ll use world-class remote communication, collaboration and project-tracking tools on your fast, new, company-issued hardware.


Skill Set and Interests

  • You’ll bring solid ML operations experience, deploying models on edge devices in a production environment at scale… and have seen firsthand where the problems and sticking points were.
  • You’ll also have continuous machine learning (CML) experience
  • You’ll need a solid background in computer science plus software engineering experience. We aren’t picky where and how.
  • Tip: You’ll have even more fun if you already have an interest in improving the human condition (even if it’s just your own).


Within 3 Months You Will

  • Learn the tech stack, and establish strong relationships with product and R&D teams.
  • Successfully implement models on iOS using CoreML, with some automation.
  • Design a basic pipeline to deliver production ready models from cloud to device.
  • Establish baseline performance measures and instrumentation tools. Help shape and build an amazing ML team.


On the Journey to a New Horizon

  • You will help Elite HRV scale our products to an exponentially larger range of devices.
  • You will help our artificial intelligence be faster and more accurate, giving end users a superior result.


“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson

Join a talented close-knit team dedicated to planting a tree for the future.