UX Designer Job Description


A Bit About EHRV

As a fast-growing, well-funded startup, EHRV exists to solve real problems for real people and cares deeply about design and the user experience. Customer obsession is a real thing.

Publicly, we are the top HRV biomarker toolkit for health, wellness, stress management, and fitness. Behind the scenes, however, we’re creating a stunning new technology for real-time biomarker detection with AI at its core.

Your work will help people on all 7 continents improve their life, work, and play by designing the bridge (UX) between our new biomarker technology and the real people whose lives it will change.

The Opportunity

  • As a UX designer at EHRV, you will work with the Product and Customer teams to research and understand the needs, desires, and concerns of the end-user. This process is critical for the successful rollout of our new biomarker technology.
  • In addition to flexibility, autonomy, and ownership over your own work, you will directly influence the direction of the company’s design and UX efforts as a whole.
  • You will play a critical role in integrating EHRV’s “customer first” core value into every user interaction and visual.
  • The sky’s the limit! If you have a desire to be involved in any particular project or initiative at EHRV, you probably can! We understand that passion is a key component to successful projects.

The Team

  • You’ll join a team where everyone—including you—is:
    • an eager learner with a pragmatic “can-do” approach
    • intellectually honest – you understand and acknowledge what you don’t know, as you take action
    • proactive about finding and solving problems, often times without a clear blueprint
  • If you’re attracted to solving tough problems collaboratively, you’ll fit in well. You’ll work most closely with the Product team, and the Founders.
  • Our team has repeatedly told us that Elite HRV is a great place to work:
    • Role and Impact: Your contribution is important, immediate and impactful to us, our users, and through our mission, the world.
    • Lifestyle: You have flexible hours and vacation, and a conscious focus on work-life balance (outdoor walking meetings – yes please!). From whatever perfect location suits you most ideally – as long as you have good internet.
    • Team and Culture: You’re part of a deeply collaborative, dedicated, respectful, diverse and transparent team driven to learn, grow and make a massive impact, together.
    • Career Advancement: We are solving truly hard problems. So you’ll get unlimited opportunities for challenge, ownership, mentorship and professional growth, plus financial support and expectations to continuously upskill and hone your craft.
    • Product: We’re building unique products that upend the current expectations, using a cutting-edge tech stack and great home office setups.
    • Compensation: In addition to competitive pay, you’ll also receive wellness stipends, a 401K better than 90% of similar companies, and the opportunity to participate in the company’s ongoing success as a shareholder, among other benefits.

Skill Set and Interests

  • Our ideal candidate will have empathy, a deep understanding of human-centered design principles, experience with user research, user testing, and writing design requirements.
  • At least 3 years of experience as a UX designer, UX researcher, interaction designer, or similar role
  • Likes to ask questions like: “Who is this product/feature for?”, “What problems are we solving?”, “What are users’ biggest pain points?”, “How will people use this product/feature?” and “Is it actually usable?”
  • Brings proficiency with UX design-related software and tools
  • Our ideal candidate will also possess the ability to communicate complex information using design tools, including low fidelity to high fidelity prototypes, task flows, as well as interactive wireframes & specs.
  • Tip: It’ll be that much more fun for you if you have an interest in improving the human condition (yours or other folks!)

Within 3 Months You Will…

  • Help define our design vision, lead best practices, and contribute to build a Product team that is at the forefront of UX and product design.
  • Participate in a at least one full product iteration including learning about the product, conducting market research and users interviews, defining customer journeys, creating an information architecture, creating mockups and wireframes, directing usability tests, collecting design feedback, and completing a UX design wireframe.
  • Help the team build a great UX design process to ensure we deliver impactful products to solve our customers problems now and ongoing.
  • Delve deep and understand how EHRV users are responding to our new biomarker technology and how well it addresses their pain points.
  • Watch and stay connected as your work has a real-world impact within weeks of your onboarding!

You Will Help EHRV

  • Deeply understand their current and future users’ needs, motivations and pain points
  • Mold the user experiences for the pivotal launch of brand new stealth-mode technology that bridges to the future
  • Shape and help build an amazing design team

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson

Join a talented close-knit team dedicated to planting a tree for the future.