Global leader in Heart Rate Variability

Millions of biomarkers analyzed for health improvement and performance optimization

Global leader in Heart Rate Variability

Millions of biomarkers analyzed for health improvement and performance optimization

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HRV for health enthusiasts, doctors, and wellness experts

Improve health and resilience
Guide treatment plans
Increase self-awareness
Personalize nutrition, sleep and exercise protocols
Reduce stress
Strengthen the nervous system

HRV for coaches, athletes, and sports teams

Maximize performance
Optimize recovery
Customize training plan
Train healthier
Identify training maladaptation and overtraining
Improve stress tolerance

Accurate Heart Rate Variability

Track your most important biomarker. HRV is the best non-invasive measure of the Autonomic Nervous System, the main controller of health and performance functions.

Maximize Your Performance

Individualized “readiness” scores help you customize your training so you can train smarter and progress faster.

Optimize Your Recovery

Quantify the effects of recovery techniques and practice HRV guided recovery to activate anabolic recovery.

Train Healthier

Use HRV to identify training maladaptation and know when you are overreaching before it becomes overtraining.

Learn Your Body

Learn what works for you on a deeper physiological level with objective feedback. Personalize nutrition, sleep, exercise, and health protocols.

Manage Your Stress

Improve stress tolerance, adaptability, and resiliency. Trend improvements over days, weeks, months, years.

Strengthen Your Nervous System

Train your breathing patterns to optimize Heart Rate Variability and Nervous System Function.

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Keith Norris

Partner, Efficient Exercise & ARXFit, Co-Founder Paleo f(x)

Proper day-to-day dosing of training stimulus is the key to athletic success, and Elite HRV is the most efficient and effective way to predict that appropriate dose.

Chris Kelly

Pro Mountain Biker, Co-Founder of Nourish Balance Thrive

If my training plan or a new supplement isn’t working, HRV can alert me to a problem before it manifests as symptoms. It also allows me to track progress in my chronically overtrained clients.

Arthur Guerrero

Master Jiu Jitsu Competitor, Endocrinologist, Father of 5

If you want to be competitive, you have to train smarter than everyone else. This is a tool that will give you an edge.

Alex Fergus

Personal Trainer, Online Coach, Blogger, Elite Athlete – Rowing, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding

Alex Fergus -

Trying to keep up with multiple clients on a daily basis can be consuming. There is a lot to think about. Elite HRV automatically looks at previous data points for every individual and then produces an individualized readiness score. It makes my job so much easier.


iTunes App Store Review

Best of the HRV apps out there I’ve been testing 7+ apps for HRV for the last several months, and this app comes out on top. As a performance coach for endurance athletes, I use HRV to get accurate insight of biofeedback so my athletes know when to push and recover for proper training cycles, and Elite HRV is the easiest to use with the best readings that I’ve found.


iTunes App Store Review

Excellent free HR-V app I have used both the Android and iOS and they are both easy to use, straight forward, and accurate. I have used it every morning for the past years. Highly recommended.

Sean T From Midwest

iTunes App Store Review

The Elite HRV app has been an excellent app in my life. I am now provided information quantitatively to understand the state of my body, and whether I am too stressed to train or ready to go. Use the app as a simple morning readiness tool, or use all the functions the app provides (the list goes on). The Elite HRV app is an outstanding tool to help you reach your goals. Overall an easy to navigate app with plenty of functionality. Excellent work and amazing app!

Jane from WA

iTunes App Store Review

I have been using this app for about four months to test morning readiness. I think it is fabulous! I am an avid runner and it is very helpful to let me know if it is a day to hold back, or go all out! In the beginning, I had a few questions that I sent by email. The support was great! And they responded very quickly! Highly recommend!


iTunes App Store Review

If you want the easiest interface for HRV readings, then this is it. I’d pay for this. It doesn’t go far beyond the basics of morning or postexercise readings, but that’s EXACTLY what I go to it for and it does an awesome job! Another awesome feature is the showing of raw data and a MUCH simplified, easy to ready display of the data so anyone from advanced to novice can benefit from the outcome. Happy consumer!


iTunes App Store Review

Truly EXCELLENT app I don’t write reviews. But for Elite HRV I will. It’s a truly excellent app. It allows me to accurately geek out with my HRV on the fly, measuring wherever and whenever I happen to be. For a QS enthusiast, I want to be able to measure my reaction to life events in real time (not just a morning marker) and actively learn ways to improve my health and longevity markers. EliteHRV gives that to me in an easy to use app with all the metrics I need. GREAT job guys!


iTunes App Store Review

Amazing tool for anyone… This has been a game changer. As a former professional fighter, head coach of an MMA team and strength and performance coach, this has been one of the best additions in years. The ability to track not just heart rate, but how the body is in relation to readiness or rest has helped reduce injuries and kept myself and my athletes more healthy.  I’m using this with my regular training clients as well and seeing great results. Great app for a great system.


iTunes App Store Review

A lot for a little This app is great! The HRV score are very useful to help determine how well you are recovering. Especially as this is a free app, the quality is outstanding.


iTunes App Store Review

Great app. I use it every morning and sometimes for meditation. The podcast is a must.


iTunes App Store Review

Great app and simple to use. I encourage all my patients to use it!!

Mike Griffen

Google Play Review

I have been using Elite HRV for over 12 months & could not be happier, I have not had a cold or any illness since following the results if its a rest day thats what i do. I often had colds etc from over training not anymore  Also Jason from Elite responds immediatly by email re any queries

Theodore Fallon

Google Play Review

Love It Intriguing app that holds a secret to a healthy balanced body and mind. I use this app to help me balance my physical exercise with my yoga, meditation and intense mental activities. Developers are very responsive to feedback and have always been available for questions and comments. Best app of its kind that I have found.


Google Play Review

Excellent tool to measure your training readiness Great tool for monitoring your on going fatigue / stress levels if you are some one who trains to achieve a fitness goal or ability to build to a peak for a  competitive event.  I have found it is more accurate in reflecting my state of recovery than using resting heart rate alone, and also has shown what a huge difference a good night’s sleep, in terms of duration and quality, makes to my HRV score, which is reflected in my ability to deal with stress in training and normal daily activities

taqala mamoyu

Google Play Review

The best app for measuring HRV, simple yet powerful. i used it everyday track my improvement. Thank you developers for helping us in our journeys to better lifes and well-being.

Chad Wollman

Google Play Review

Wow. A must have for the quantified self movement

Chris Morelock

Google Play Review

Excellent hrv app Tried quite a few hrv apps before I found elite, wish I had tried it first. Great app.

Simon Wier

Google Play Review

The most clean, effective and important app you can download as an endurance athlete. This app will single-handedly eliminate the chance you keel over after 20 years of endurance training from a failed heart.

Rory McPherson

Google Play Review

Great App for all athletes and couch potatoes Very good metric for telling you whether or not you should train and when you should lay off exercise. This stuff used to cost $$$! Love the recent updates?

Ben Morris

Google Play Review

Top notch Simple, clean, easy to use. And free. Highly recommended

Sam Hojat

Google Play Review

Best HRV app I’ve seen yet!! I love the team functionality, it really add to the overall effectiveness of the application.  Keep up the good work!

Gavin Burne

Google Play Review

I use this on iOS and Android and sync is instantly up to date. The readings are meaningful to you as an individual. It detects if you are stressed or over training from the trends and and the gauge is easy to understand. Highly recommend app.

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