About Us

Elite HRV started as a personal passion and has grown into the most widely used and top-rated HRV application. We provide heart rate variability metrics and insights in a simple, easy to understand system. Our focus is on providing a robust platform with an emphasis on quality and accuracy.

We are passionate about helping people reach their health and performance goals. We believe that heart rate variability technology is one of the most powerful tools available to help you achieve your goals.  That is why we strived to create a quality product that is accessible to as many people as possible.

We love hearing from our users and finding new ways to evolve the platform. We want to be the best HRV system available and we believe you have to work closely with and listen to your users in order to accomplish that. We value transparency and collaboration because everyone is smarter and better when honestly working together. We actively work with coaches, doctors, and HRV experts around the world to stay on top of research and continually improve our offering.

Our Team

We are a husband and wife leadership team working hard to create a product that we are proud of and others see the value in using. We regularly collaborate with a wide network of experts, professionals, and users.


Jason Moore – Founder, CEO

Jason loves merging his passions of technology, health, and human performance. He has also personally helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations successfully implement Heart Rate Variability into their life or practice.

Prior to founding Elite HRV, Jason designed and implemented large scale information systems for the Oil & Gas Industry. Jason’s focus was on making complex data actionable and useful, and he traveled the globe speaking about and implementing his solutions. During this time, Jason was also a coach and personal trainer for health, fitness and sports. He truly enjoys teaching others how to improve their health and performance and be their best possible self.  Elite HRV is the fruit of many years of research, practice, and collaboration with coaches, doctors and HRV researchers. When he is not busy working on Elite HRV, he loves traveling, programming, rock climbing, and testing his body’s limits. Jason has a BA in Information Systems and Operations from Texas A&M University.

Alyssa Moore – COO

Alyssa is an Engineer and problem solver. In addition to keeping the team moving forward, she is the go-to person for complex mathematics, data analysis and plays a large role in interface and web design.

Previously, as an Engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry, Alyssa managed major operational projects with stringent safety requirements, and complex data and logistics. Her expertise with data analysis and organizational skills play a large role in the development of Elite HRV. In her personal time, Alyssa loves playing with dogs, trying new foods, hiking, and traveling. Alyssa has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and is enjoying using her skills in a new industry.

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