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Dave Korsunsky on Tracking your Health Data to Optimize Your Wellness

Heads Up Health was founded by a team of health-conscious technology experts on the simple concept that being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. We saw a world of disjointed medical records, underutilized health tracking technologies and abundant, but poorly managed, health data. We felt that intelligent software could provide the perfect solution.

Based on our belief that well-organized data holds the key to optimal health, we have created a central space where you can manage and explore your own.

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Exploring the BASE-R method for training human resilience with Stephen Robinson

In this episode, Stephen Robinson of EVENPULSE joins us to discuss the use of the BASE-R Method training for stress mitigation and improved human resilience for high performers in many industries including police, fire, military, and business. We also talk about the role of HRV in achieving self-mastery and different recovery tactics for stress regulation.

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How to: Long-Term Success With Ketogenic Diets w/ Alessandro Ferretti

In this episode, Alessandro Ferretti joins us to discuss a ketogenic diet (lifestyle), what a “healthy” keto diet looks like, chronobiology of eating windows, the top three reasons a keto diet fails, and much more in this rich episode. We also get caught up on Alessandro’s latest research and get advice on how to have long-term success with a ketogenic lifestyle.

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Personal Pro is Live

Smartphones have limited screen space to view and analyze HRV and health data. That’s why we are thrilled to launch Personal Pro, our new web analysis dashboard!

We designed Personal Pro based on feedback from all of you who want to dig deeper into your HRV, health and performance. Click to learn more.

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Launching Soon

Be the first to learn Dan Plews' protocols for using a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) protocol to boost ultra-endurance performance.

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The Foundations of Heart Rate Variability Course will open again later this year.

Feedback from participants has been so positive, that we will continue offering periodic short enrollment periods to keep the quality of the experience as high as possible. Since enrollment will be limited, we will be announcing first to those who have registered interest hereJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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