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Personal Pro is Live

Smartphones have limited screen space to view and analyze HRV and health data. That’s why we are thrilled to launch Personal Pro, our new web analysis dashboard!

We designed Personal Pro based on feedback from all of you who want to dig deeper into your HRV, health and performance. Click to learn more.

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Podcast: HRV, Health & Nutrition

Host Autumn Smith interviews Elite HRV Founder Jason Moore about:
What HRV testing is and how it was discovered, the health issues HRV is linked to in the research (this will shock you!), the link between HRV and inflammation, how and When to measure your HRV, what your HRV can tell you about food sensitivities, why HRV can help you dial in your diet, supplements that raise HRV, and more! Tap here to listen in.

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Final Surge Podcast

Highlighting our recent app integration with Final Surge, Elite HRV’s Jason Moore did a podcast episode with the Final Surge team to discuss HRV and how it can be used for endurance athletes and coaches.

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Remove the Guesswork Podcast

Remove the Guesswork: health, fitness and wellbeing for busy professionals

How does HRV fit for these individuals? In this episode, Leanne talks to Jason Moore, the CEO of Elite HRV, about using HRV and biomarkers for busy professionals.

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Podcast: Beyond Your Wildest Genes

Check out the episode “Truly Optimize Health and Performance with Heart Rate Variability” on the Beyond Your Wildest Genes podcast. Dr. Noah De Koyer and guests Jason Moore from Elite HRV and Greg Elliott from G-Tech Health discuss how to use HRV for optimizing health and performance.

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Free Webinar: Nutrition, Sleep, Alcohol

UPDATE: Replay now available by clicking here

Third up in the free webinar series: Using HRV to Optimize Sleep, Nutrition & Alcohol.

In this webinar, we’ll cover how HRV can quickly tell you what sleep quality and quantity is optimal and what foods you are sensitive to (hint: it’s NOT “one-size-fits-all”). We’ll also cover the health impact of popular substances and guilty pleasures, like the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Again, the answer is highly dependent on your personal circumstances!

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Free Webinar: HRV to Optimize Training & Recovery

UPDATE: Replay now available by clicking here

The Elite HRV team is hosting a free webinar series on Kickstarter Live covering how to use HRV and CorSense to optimize stress, health, and performance.

Second up in the series: Using HRV to Tailor Your Training Plans and Optimize Your Recovery.
In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to find the sweet spot for exercise load – based on your goals – and, perhaps more importantly, some techniques for optimizing recovery and making sure that the exercise you do is actually producing positive results and not wasting your time.

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