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HRV for Gym Owners – MadLab Group Interviews Elite HRV

Check out this great podcast episode with MadLab Group where we discuss HRV use for gym owners. In the episode, we talk about heart rate variability training, why it makes your ability to define and interact with your clients much more powerful and how it creates the unique ability to create personas based off of the data collected!

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Ali Fitness Podcast: Informed Training Decisions with Jason Moore of Elite HRV

So you’re having ‘one of those days.’ Your body is telling you it needs rest, but your instinct as a dedicated athlete is to push through and follow your training schedule regardless. The truth is, your long-term health can suffer from ignoring the body’s need to recover, and there is a tangible way to measure your readiness via heart rate variability.

Our own Jason Moore is interviewed on the Ali Fitness Podcast to discuss HRV and training.

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From decapitation to positive psychology: how one nerve connects body, brain and mind

Excerpt from Andrew Kemp’s article: “… little research has been done which looks at how the vagus nerve affects body and mind together. That’s why I teamed up with colleagues to question whether previously reported relationships between vagal function and cognitive performance could be explained through a single physiological pathway.”

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Integrative Wellness, Muscle-Organ Connection with Dr. Stephen Gangemi

Dr. Steve, the Sock Doc, shares a journey of integrating systems within the body. Connecting the nervous system to organs, muscles, bone, connective tissue and more, Dr. Steve has developed a practice around a concept he calls Systems Health Care – Integrative Wellness.

We talk hormones, asymmetry, dysfunction and simple tests you can perform to become more aware of your own situation. Tap here to listen.

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