First off, the entire Elite HRV and Spren team wants to reinforce our appreciation for each and every reader of this piece. We legitimately wouldn’t be where we’re at today without you all. 

We recognize we’ve been quiet for a little while and just put out a recent app update to fix some of the bugs we know some of you may have been running into. We sincerely appreciate your patience with us and realize that update was long overdue. There are more improvements quickly coming down the pipeline. 

Fortunately, we’ve been quiet because we’ve been heads down innovating on a ton of new cutting edge technology that we’re excited to bring to you all to better serve your needs, which is thanks in part to everyone who participated in our research efforts (a huge shout out to you all!) 

In further delivering on our mission to make accurate and timely insights about the human body accessible to all, we’ve expanded our platform to integrate with more businesses so we can deploy our technologies into a variety of new places. 

We’re calling this expansion “Spren,” our first enterprise offering, which we’re excited to share with you all today. 

What is Spren? 

Spren is a camera-enabled, enterprise biomarker platform that connects any app to the human body. Using a smartphone as the sensor, Spren delivers evidence-based biomarker insights such as HRV, body composition, stress, recovery, progress tracking, and more through an easy to integrate SDK and API. 

Health and wellness companies across the board will soon start integrating with Spren to better understand their users’ holistic health, make their apps more personalized, demonstrate measurable progress, and empower their members to understand their bodies and make well-informed decisions about their well-being and lifestyle. 

The Elite HRV community has been pivotal in helping us on this journey of innovation and allowed us to reach more people who want to elevate their health, fitness, and wellness – so we’re excited to share that Spren as an enterprise platform is not only going to open up the doors for our technology to reach more people, but it’s also going to provide a more robust platform to enhance and improve the Elite HRV app experience itself. 

Why’d we expand our suite of offerings to include Spren?  

Our mission is to make meaningful insights from the body accessible to more people. The main two paths to deliver on this are (1) easy and reliable data collection through body sensing technologies and (2) translating this data into simple and more meaningful, action-oriented guidance.  

We spent a significant portion of the last 2 years developing new camera and API-based methods of detecting accurate biomarkers that are cheaper and more convenient for all. (Btws, we’ll be posting a deep dive on the behind the scenes of developing this new technology soon, so please keep a close eye out for that!).  

We didn’t want hardware to be a limitation for people to acquire valuable data about their bodies. Once our product team proved that you could retain the accuracy of capturing HRV without extra dedicated hardware, we wanted to lean into this more as a business in order to see our mission through.  

Spren unlocks faster innovation cycles and allows a variety of businesses, including our own with Elite HRV, to deliver a better experience to all end-users.  

While we recognize building Spren created a temporary hiatus for Elite HRV, luckily the entire community will end up benefiting in the long run because Spren allows us to accelerate our speed of innovation and deliver new insights and feedback from the body more accurately, quickly, and intuitively. As a result, our product team can remain focused on the delivery of these innovations right back into the Elite HRV app and pick back up on agile updates for the Elite HRV community we care so deeply about.

What’s changing?

Part of our mission is to make insight about the body accessible to more people and in light of that, we’re remaining device agnostic. However, we’ll continue to support the devices that are currently integrated with Elite HRV – but for those who don’t have a device or don’t want one, we’ll be adding in a new camera based detection option. 

We’re still planning to support CorSense and chest strap integrations, though we will no longer be selling any new CorSense devices. Instead, we’ll be bringing our camera technology to the Elite HRV app to replace what CorSense previously stood for (which was easier access to reliable HRV data).

What’s next for the Elite HRV community?

We’re in the process of integrating Spren’s innovations with our first wave of partners, several of which will be going live soon. This is happening simultaneously as we dive into the discovery process we need to get these same technologies into the Elite HRV app.    

This means we’re planning to spend the rest of 2022 digging in deep with you all, the Elite HRV community, to understand what your ideas, recommendations, and priorities are so we can incorporate them into our roadmap ahead.  We want to ensure we’re building in line with your needs, desires, and preferences (not our own), and that our engineers are able to integrate Spren’s enterprise technology into Elite HRV as a consumer facing app, appropriately.  

One of Spren’s core elements is camera-based detection and as the Elite HRV community knows, we’ve been hesitant to adopt this type of technology because accuracy matters so deeply to us when it comes to HRV data. However, we’ve been able to nail the accuracy of camera detection far beyond what we’ve seen from other solutions and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this to the Elite HRV app (more details on this soon to come!

As a final note, we will be incorporating our camera-based HRV detection technology directly into the Elite HRV app, but can’t make any firm promises for when that’ll be actively available for live time use. We’d like to go through the discovery phases with you all as a community first to understand how we can best incorporate it into the Elite HRV experience, as well as reduce friction and bugs in the engineering process as much as possible.


We feel so grateful for this community and your willingness to continue growing with us over the past 8 years. We’re excited to continue bringing new solutions to you in a variety of forms. We’ll keep you closely updated on how this unfolds over the coming months and thank you for your patience as we’ve been heads down innovating and launching these new methods of attaining our mission.  

→ If you’re part of the Elite HRV community and want to be involved in developing future iterations of the app, here’s where you can sign up for community interviews with our founding team.

→ If you’re operating a business and interested to learn more about how Spren can serve your community, visit to learn more about our platform.

You can also book a demo here.