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How we work

People first

Our goal is to help customers achieve better health, performance, and satisfaction in life. Similarly, you do your best work when you are healthy and fulfilled. We practice what we preach. We work together creating technology that makes people better, and we enjoy the challenge.

Curious and constantly learning

There is no blueprint for how to solve the problem we are tackling. We learn new things every day and quickly turn that knowledge into action. We learn from our customers, our network of experts, each other, introspection, books, scientific papers, and living real human lives.

Risk taking

To change the world, we must take calculated risks. We need a combination of bold ideas, hard work, and attention to detail. Technology and innovation are not just shiny toys, they present immense potential. We’re building the tools of the future, while meeting the needs of today.

Upcoming Openings

The following positions will be opening soon. Please see below for other future opportunities.

QA Tester

Algorithm Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Senior UX Designer

Front-end Mobile Developer

Data Scientist

DevOps Specialist

Web Designer

What our tribe offers

  • As part of our tribe, your health and satisfaction come first. You can expect respect, challenge, friendly banter, travel, outdoor time, and much more.
  • Competitive salary – We pay at or above market salary and are transparent with our team members about compensation, business metrics, and company financials.
  • Flexible vacation – Take time off when you need it, we trust you.
  • Great tools – Each employee will be provided with appropriate technology to succeed.
  • Personal development – We strongly encourage learning and personal growth. We support books, conferences, courses, and other learning materials related to health, performance, technology, and related subjects.
  • We value (and require) transparency, trust, and communication, which translates to an extremely open, flexible, and high performing work environment.

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The Foundations of Heart Rate Variability Course will open again later this year.

Feedback from participants has been so positive, that we will continue offering periodic short enrollment periods to keep the quality of the experience as high as possible. Since enrollment will be limited, we will be announcing first to those who have registered interest hereJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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Foundations of Heart Rate Variability

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16 Lectures | 3.5 hours | 
The Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course covers the foundational science and practical application of Heart Rate Variability in a way that’s accessible to healthcare professionals, performance athletes, coaches, and health enthusiasts alike.

This course will help you answer your HRV questions such as “What’s the difference between various HRV analysis methods like Time Domain, Frequency Domain, and Nonlinear?”, “How can I strategically use HRV to optimize training and performance while reducing stress?”, “What’s the link between HRV, health, disease, and illness?”.

With over three and a half hours of video content in easy-to-digest modules, cheat sheets, reference documents, Q&A webinars, and access to instructors through an easy to use portal, you’ll learn how to accurately measure and analyze HRV to recover faster, reduce stress, and objectively measure your health and fitness.