How does Team billing work?

Team billing occurs at the end of each billing period. For example, if you create a team with 10 active members, then 30 days later, you will be billed for 10 members.

If you remove members or cancel your subscription in the middle of the pay period, you will still be able to analyze your members’ data through the end of the pay period and receive one final bill before the subscription updates or cancellation takes effect.

Heart rate monitor disconnected during reading

If your heart rate monitor happens to disconnect during an HRV reading, it will automatically try to reconnect for 20 seconds.

If it fails to reconnect after 20 seconds, the reading will end and will automatically be saved. After that, you must start a new reading to continue measuring your HRV.

What are “Raw” RR intervals vs. “Corrected” RR intervals?

“Raw” RR intervals are the RR intervals that are received directly from the HR monitor and have not been cleaned or corrected for artifacts such as ectopic beats or signal noise.

“Corrected” RR intervals are the RR intervals after our algorithms have of detected and corrected artifacts such as ectopic beats or signal noise to provide a more valid signal for HRV analysis.

Sharing a phone/tablet with multiple users

Each user account is tied to one individual (the email address listed on your Settings > Profile screen).

You can use the “Switch User” function at the bottom of the app’s Settings to switch between multiple users without logging out. Only the currently selected user can take a reading, so this functionality is not the same as “group readings” per se.

Steps to switch users:

How do active and inactive members count towards Team billing?

Teams can have active and inactive members. You can control member status on the Member page of the Team Dashboard.

Active members count towards your monthly bill. Inactive members do not. If you activate a member at any point during a billing cycle, that member will count towards your active member tally for that billing cycle.

How to activate your Team Pro subscription

Once your team is created (see: How to create a Team), you can activate your Team Pro subscription at any time during your trial. Your Team’s trial may expire, at which point you will no longer be able to view your Team Members’ data; however, upon activation you will be able to see it again.

Follow these steps to activate your Team Pro subscription:

Updating Billing Credit Card

To update your Team’s billing credit card, navigate to the Team Dashboard, sign in as the Team Owner account, and follow these steps:

Invite Members to Your Team

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