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Upgrade your Team to include HRV.

As a Team Owner you have direct say over what features get added to the Elite HRV Team Platform. Here are the features that we have already built for some of the world’s top coaches, health practitioners and other group leaders.

Mobile App

Accurately capture members’ HRV data through their personal mobile app. View your team’s Readiness snapshot from anywhere.

Web Dashboard

Use the Team Web Dashboard to view and analyze your team members’ Readiness and HRV details and dig into individual member trends. View team summary insights or team table analysis to see how your team members stack up or compare team members’ trends in the group charting analysis. Manage your members’ status and export their data from within the Dashboard.


Keep your team up to date with worldwide real time data syncing, automatic cloud backups, and unlimited data storage and analysis.



We use secure SSL Encryption to keep your team’s data safe and secure. Data privacy control is also available on both the team owner and team member sides to ensure no data is shared without full consent.



Use our Getting Started Package , Team Member Guides, and video resources to get your team set up quickly and painlessly. Also use the community via our private Facebook Forum to help guide your team and HRV coaching services.

Customer Support

As a team owner or admin, you can expect priority response times and personal interaction.

Build Additional Revenue for Your Business

Providing HRV analysis and coaching services to your clients and team members is a great opportunity to differentiate your organization and even add additional revenue streams.

Data driven, visible progress increases client satisfaction and participation. This has allowed Elite HRV Team Owners to raise prices, add HRV based consultation services and expand group offerings.

Get Started with the Team Pro Plan

With its simple pricing and flexible member management, it is sure to fit your team.

On the Elite HRV Team Pro platform, the team owner pays for the team members’ monthly subscriptions of $5/month/member.

At the end of each billing period, the team owner will be invoiced and automatically charged for the active members on their team during the past billing month. Team owners have the ability to set team members’ status as active or inactive at any time. The team owner only pays for members with an active status during that billing month.

It is quick to get your team up and running. A team owner can invite team members to the app and team from within the Dashboard for a fast and easy set up. As soon as you approve a team member to join the team, they become active and can start receiving your HRV guided coaching.

Join the many organizations that are providing HRV analysis and consulting as part of their package of services. The Team Pro Plan is great for small or big teams including sports teams, health practitioners, and business owners looking to sell their HRV coaching services.

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The first 30 days are free for unlimited team members.

Still not sure if Team Pro is right for your team?

If you have questions about the Elite HRV Team Pro Plan or the sign up process, Please email us at and we will be glad to answer all your questions. Also see the Pricing and Billing FAQ.

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