Research Partnerships

We aim to partner with people and organizations that are seeking to make a positive difference in health and performance.

Due to the growing number of organizations and people doing research on the Elite HRV platform, we are only able to offer partnerships and discounts to those that are publishing their work in peer reviewed journals. This may include:

  • University research
  • Formal research organizations
  • High Performance Sport research groups
  • Police, fire, and military research

A few groups doing research on the Elite HRV platform:

Elite HRV Research Groups

Mutually beneficial partnerships have helped shape our Heart Rate Variability analysis ecosystem from the beginning. Elite HRV Research Partners can benefit from the following perks:

  • Full control and ownership of raw data acquired
  • Export of both raw and processed data
  • Integrated privacy, security and data backup
  • Seamless global data aggregation
  • Simple data organization, categorization and grouping
  • Aggregate trends* from:
    • 3,000,000 Heart Rate Variability measurements from all 7 continents
    • 1,500,000 exercise and sleep entries
  • Demographic information* such as age, gender, country, health goals, fitness goals and more
  • Free iOS and Android app for participants

*Note: All personal and individual data is kept private. You have full control over the participants in your study and their data; however, access to trends and aggregate data outside of your direct participants is stripped of personally identifiable information.

Getting Started

Need a stable, proven and affordable platform to run your research studies on? For more information and instructions on how to get started, please send an email to