Does CorSense measure RR intervals?


CorSense measures the inter-beat intervals (also known as RR or NN intervals) that are used to calculate your heart rate variability.

Does CorSense work with apps besides Elite HRV?

Do I need to use my phone with CorSense?

CorSense does rely on a connection to a Bluetooth enabled mobile device – including Android or iOS-powered phones and tablets.

This is how it currently sends data to an HRV tracking app to analyze and report your HRV data to you.

Is CorSense compatible with ANT+ devices?


CorSense is only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices, as most ANT+ devices (including other trackers, smart watches, and fitness equipment) are meant to track and report during workouts (while CorSense is meant to be used during periods of rest before or after a training session).

Does CorSense come in different sizes?

It doesn’t – and it doesn’t need to!

We designed CorSense to fit fingers of all shapes, sizes, and colors out of the box.

Where does CorSense ship to?

CoreSense is FCC, ICC, and CE certified and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

If on checkout you don’t find your country listed, please contact us and we’ll get you sorted out!

Do You Offer Bulk Ordering so I can distribute CorSense to my clients and customers?

We do! For wholesale pricing contact us at

What is your warranty/refund and exchange policy?

All existing CorSense units are outside of the warranty period from the Manufacturer.