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Uncommon methods for maximizing health and performance with an emphasis on real-world implementation of Heart Rate Variability and other biomarkers.

From biohacking to quantified self, world class doctors, coaches and athletes cover the latest research (from the lab and field), and the methods and “tricks” that get the best results.

Right out of the gate you can expect the President of the American Functional Medicine Association, leading HRV researchers, elite and Olympic-level sport scientists, metabolism hackers, data scientists, rehabilitation specialists, and more.

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Clues to Long Covid Found in POTS

In this episode, we welcome back POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) expert, Dr. Diana Driscoll, who shares how the symptoms of Long COVID and POTS overlap and how Long Covid patients may benefit from similar treatment protocols that help POTS patients.

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Breathing Habits of High Performers

In this episode, Patrick McKeown, International best-selling author of The Oxygen Advantage and one of the world’s leading breathing re-education experts, explains why breathing isn’t just for Yogis and why high performers, creators, or anyone who wants to spend more time in flow states must learn how to breathe properly.

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Train Yourself to Use Oxygen More Effectively

The way you perform under stress is closely connected to the breath. Dysregulated breathing limits your ability to perform mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, by training your body to use oxygen more effectively you will optimize performance while growing resilient to stress.

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Creating Sustainable Change Using a Minimal Viable Threshold Mindset

Our health and wellness is reliably achieved through sustainable habit change. But, how does a person create this change when they have tried and failed many times over. Is change still possible? In this episode, we’re talking with a member of the Elite HRV community, Dean Dwyer, who shares his personal story of transformation. And how at age 53 he figured out how to fix the underlying mindset that was preventing him from having the body he truly wanted. Whether you’re working on your body, your business, or any aspect of your life, the principle of “minimal viable threshold” may be the key that unlocks sustainable habit change for you.

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How to Shift out of Survival Mode into Growth

To realize our hopes and dreams we need energy and clarity of purpose. But, the global pandemic has rocked our physical and mental well-being, leaving many of us stuck in survival mode. In this episode of the Elite HRV podcast, we speak with Jonathan Moore, founder of Legacy Coaching, where we explore the mindset and tools his clients have used to successfully breakthrough survival mode towards stability and growth.

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Tyron Groenewald and HRV: A Weight Loss Journey

Tyron tells us all about his weight loss journey as well as the tools he used to achieve and maintain it. Hear how Tyron uses the data he gets everyday from using the Elite HRV app to understand how his body is responding to various inputs – be it food, exercise, cold therapy, etc.

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