Ancestral Health FunThe weather was gorgeous, the food was great and the presentations were outstanding. I was very fortunate to be able to make the trip up to UC Berkeley earlier this month for the Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS).

Connections MadeAncestral Health Fun

Before we jump into presentations, hands down the best thing about going to events like #AHS14 is the crazy awesome people that show up to share knowledge, learn and build a community around better health. I made a lot of friends that I know I will keep in touch with for a long time.

There were folks sharing about cancer, biofeedback, metabolic disease, optimizing exercise and performance, autoimmunity, epigenetics.. and the list goes on. The common thread (besides the ancestral-based approach of course!) was that everyone was open and honest with each other and with their pursuit of solving the health and performance riddles of today.

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Talk on Heart Rate Variability

Amidst all the brains at the conference, I was honored to have been selected as a speaker at this year’s symposium. My talk was called Stress and Heart Rate Variability. I won’t spoil the fun – you can decide for yourself how it went:

HRV In The Mix

I was excited to learn that among all the doctors, researchers, coaches and entrepreneurs at the event, many people were quite interested in Heart Rate Variability. A good number of folks came over to chat with me after the talk. We also started some exciting conversations about new features and integration points for the Elite HRV app!

To those of you that I interacted with and to the AHS team I want to say THANK YOU!

Heart Rate Variability at Ancestral Health SymposiumHeart Rate Variability at Ancestral Health SymposiumHeart Rate Variability at Ancestral Health Symposium

Other Related Talks

There were many awesome and noteworthy speakers at the event. You can find all of the talks at the Ancestry Foundation YouTube here.

I pulled a few of the videos that folks interested in Stress, Heart Rate Variability and Optimization might be interested in. There are many more on various subjects on their channel. Enjoy:


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