New Features and Updates in v3.10

  • 7 Day HRV Coefficient of Variation (CV)
  • Mean RR intervals on the “HR & HRV Details” card
  • Advanced guided breathing options – now you can set separate inhale and exhale speeds
  • Notes and Tags icons in the “Entries” list for easier tracking
  • P/PS autonomic balance and readiness indicators in “Entries” list for quick view of your history
  • Redesigned Settings screen and new “Help” screen with easy access to FAQs/Troubleshooting and Help Center
  • Improvements to the tagging screen
    • Search bar to find your tags
    • Recent Tags tab to easily access your most recently used tags
    • Most Used Tags tab to easily find your most commonly used tags
  • Backend and framework updates
  • Bluetooth LE updates
  • Bug fixes

If you have any issues or bugs with the app version update, please contact us via the Feedback box within the app.

New Features Coming Soon in v3.11

  • Population Comparisons
  • Dark Mode
  • Additional “End of Reading” sounds
  • Stabilization period option – set a time for your HR to stabilize before automatically starting the measurement
  • Ability to take measurements offline
  • Edit or Delete existing Tags
  • Sleep tracking automation via Neura integration (Android only)
  • Improved Apple Health integration of sleep data (iOS only)
  • RR interval smoothing detection to alert user if their HR monitor is smoothing the RRs and providing inaccurate HRV data

Integrations with 3rd party apps coming soon!