Over the next 7 days, app v3.11 will be rolled out to everyone. Check out some of the new features below.

Exciting New Features in v3.11

Population Comparisons – See how you stack up to other Elite HRV users and to people within your age and gender demographics directly in the app.

Population Comparison

Dark Mode – Have a more enjoyable Morning Readiness measurement experience with the dark mode theme. It will help you ease into the day without a bright, white screen. Ideal for readings taken in a dark room – makes for a happier significant other ☺. Only a $0.99 one time in-app purchase. (UPDATE: Dark Mode purchase is not working correctly on iOS. This bug is being looked into and will be fixed in the upcoming v3.12)

Dark Mode - ReadingDark Mode - Tagging

Dark Mode - intra-reading chartDark Mode - Data Screen2Dark Mode - Population Comparison

Stabilization Period Option – Set a time for your heart rate to stabilize before automatically starting your measurement.

Stabilization Period - settingsStabilization - Reading

Additional “End of Reading” Sounds – 4 new audio alerts to more gently notify you when your reading is finished.

End of Reading Sounds

More Advanced Guided Breathing – Now you can also set pause periods between inhales and exhales for fully customizable breathing patterns.

Advanced Guided Breathing

Edit or Delete Existing Tags – Now you can edit or delete any of your current or past tags.

Edit or Delete Reading Tags

Sleep Tracking Automation via Neura Integration (Android only) – Integrate with the Neura SDK to automatically pull estimated sleep data from your Android device.

Neura Integration

Improved Apple Health integration of sleep data (iOS only)

Health integration

Updates and Bug Fixes in v3.11

  • Updates to resolve ANT+ connection issues
  • Minor Bug Fixes
If you have any issues or bugs with the app version update, please contact us via the Feedback box within the app so we can better identify and fix the issue.

New Features Coming Soon in v3.12

  • TrainingPeaks integration – send HR, HRV data and receive exercise data
  • SportTracks integration – send HR, HRV data and receive exercise data
  • Strava integration – receive exercise data
  • Exercise Type tagging
  • Artifact detection and correction improvements
  • Signal quality indicator for each measurement
  • UPDATE: Dark Mode purchase bug fix for iOS
  • Bug Fixes