Over the next 7 days, app v3.12 will be rolled out to everyone. Check out some of the new features below.

Exciting New Features in v3.12

Offline Functionality

Now you can use the app offline to take your Morning Readiness, Open Readings, view your results, and trend your progress. (You will still need internet access in order to create an account or login to an account. Once logged in, the app will then function fully offline.)

*It is always recommended to sync your data to the database at least once a week in order to backup and safeguard your historical data. For example, if you only use the app offline and never sync and then your phone takes a dive into the toilet, you will likely lose your data. Regularly syncing will ensure that your data does not get lost if an accident happens.


Artifact Detection and Correction Algorithm Updates

We are excited to announce some improvements to our signal quality algorithms that detect and correct artifacts (false heart beats). Artifacts can affect the quality and validity of heart rate variability measurements. They can come from different sources such as movement (that chest strap sliding around), ectopic beats, and signal interference. In this update, we have made improvements to how we detect and correct these different types of artifacts to ensure the highest quality signal and HRV results.


Signal Quality Gauge

In conjunction with our artifact correction algorithm updates, we also wanted to provide more information to users about the signal quality of each measurement and how it affects their measurement reliability. The new “Signal Quality” card on the Reading Details screen provides a signal quality gauge with red, yellow, and green indicators and a description of how many artifacts were detected and corrected and the percent of reading containing artifacts with a Good, Okay, Poor label. For people with Okay or Poor signal quality, additional guidance on how to improve signal quality is provided in the app.


Premium Integrations

A one-time purchase of US$4.99 unlocks premium integrations including Strava, TrainingPeaks, and SportTracks (more to come in the future including Garmin Connect and Final Surge).

  • TrainingPeaks – automatically send Heart Rate and HRV data to TrainingPeaks
  • SportTracks – automatically send Heart Rate and HRV data and receive exercise data
  • Strava – automatically receive exercise data


Exercise Type Tagging Improvements

In line with the new workout integrations with Strava and SportTracks, we have also updated our exercise tagging to include “Exercise Type”. This is also in preparation for some improvements coming soon to the trending and entries screens that will allow better trending of exercise.

Updates and Bug Fixes in v3.12

  • Dark Mode purchase bug fix for iOS
  • Bug fix to display older entries than 10 days past on Entries screen
  • Updates/bug fixes to password change and verification email
  • HRM connection updates
If you have any issues or bugs with the app version update, please contact us via the Feedback box within the app so we can better identify and fix the issue.

Android users: If this app update is not appearing for you in the Google Play store, your device may not be compatible with certain features that the update contains. This is not directly under our control, but we will continue to try to optimize the app to allow Google Play to distribute it to as many different types of devices as possible. Thanks!

New Features Coming Soon in v3.13

  • Frequency Domain Analysis
    • Total Power
    • Low Frequency (LF)
    • High Frequency (HF)
    • LF/HF ratio
  • Duplicate measurements bug fix
  • Dark mode updates
  • HRM warnings for users
    • Smoothed RRs detection and warning
    • No RRs detection and warning
  • Minor bug fixes