Exciting New Features in v3.13

Frequency Domain Results

In this version we added in Frequency Domain Analysis results to your Reading Details screen and separated out the Time Domain Analysis and Heart Rate information. The Frequency Domain results are based on FFT Welch’s Periodogram analysis method (for more information, contact us at support@elitehrv.com or from within the feedback box in the app).

You can now see:

  • Total Power
  • High Frequency Power
  • Low Frequency Power
  • LF/HF ratio

Also, check out the  guides within the app for more information about the different analysis methods.

Final Surge Integration

Final Surge was added to the list of premium integrations along side TrainingPeaks, Strava, and SportTracks. You can now send your HRV score and resting HR data to Final Surge.



Updates and Bug Fixes in v3.13

  • Duplicate measurements bug fix
  • Dark mode updates
  • HRM warnings for users
  • Smoothed RRs detection and warning
  • No RRs detection and warning
  • Minor bug fixes
If you have any issues or bugs with the app version update, please contact us via the Feedback box within the app so we can better identify and fix the issue.

Android users: If this app update is not appearing for you in the Google Play store, your device may not be compatible with certain features that the update contains. This is not directly under our control, but we will continue to try to optimize the app to allow Google Play to distribute it to as many different types of devices as possible. Thanks!

New Features Coming Soon in v3.14

  • Improvements to Google Fit and Apple Health integrations
  • Improvements to the Intra-Reading charts
  • Addition of activity level on the Population Comparison charts and editable in the Profile
  • Updates to the Switch User functionality
  • Bug fixes