Balancing Elite Performance and Health with Alex Fergus

Feb 8, 2017

Episode Guest

Alex Fergus

Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Health Enthusiast


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In This Episode

Coach Alex Fergus joins us to share his experiences with balancing elite rowing, competitive powerlifting, and bodybuilding. He has done some extreme tracking along his journey with these sports and now his clients are benefiting too. We cover all sorts of experiments, slow training, and the Ketogenic diet. It is a large discussion filled with plenty of gems throughout.


  • 2:04 – Alex Fergus’s background in elite sports, nutrition, and personal health
  • 6:02 – How many bodyweight deadlifts can you do in two minutes?
  • 7:22 – Growing a focused mindset, centered around health
  • 9:33 – Tracking metrics as a hardcore bio hacker
  • 11:12 – Sleep tracking devices: Oura vs. wrist wearables
  • 13:43 – Starting out with a new client. Performing a hard reset.
  • 15:45 – Creating awareness through biometric tests with clients
  • 17:12 – Maintaining peak fitness with maintenance training
  • 19:20 – Maintenance training for the busy professional
  • 21:43 – Keeping fitness with 15 to 20 minutes of training per week
  • 26:15 – Ignoring daily indicators when using Elite HRV
  • 29:26 – Keeping track of trends within HRV and other metrics
  • 30:55 – Benefits to keeping the Morning Readiness Score Off
  • 32:53 – HRV fluctuations with lack of training and vacations
  • 35:26 – Keeping clients accountable and open to tracking metrics
  • 39:20 – Minimum requirements to participate in Alex’s program
  • 42:36 – Commitments required to participate in Alex’s program
  • 46:40 – Experimenting with low carb, high fat, Ketogenic diets
  • 49:35 – What is training like while on a Ketogenic diet?   
  • 53:57 – The Ketogenic world and fasting
  • 55:03 – The Ketogenic diet experiment results and how Alex recovered
  • 58.54 – Jason’s Ketogenic diet experience and results
  • 60:00 – Discovering gall bladder stones while on the Ketogenic diet
  • 65:19 – Overstressing the body with a Ketogenic diet. When should you stop?
  • 68:45 – Ketogenic state and how it relates to a sort of mild hibernation
  • 70:54 – The most beneficial stage of the Ketogenic diet
  • 72:52 – Keeping high levels of blood ketones low during the Ketogenic diet
  • 74:20 – Matching your life to the natural environment is the most important factor
  • 76:59 – Doing all the basic tasks to increase your general health and wellness
  • 79:28 – Maintaining your circadian rhythm with hacks to fall asleep quicker
  • 81:30 – The benefits of intermittent fasting   
  • 82:04 – Nighttime routines for an efficient and quality sleep
  • 84:27 – Picking something and doing it really well without making excuses
  • 87:12 – Morning routines and how to fully prepare for the day    
  • 90:09 – Building your routine and optimizing your lifestyle over the long haul through experimentation
  • 95:09 – What are the first health tweaks someone should make for the most benefit?
  • 98:35 – Bedtimes are not just for kids. Adults need a bedtime too!
  • 100:25 – Amazing testimonials from Alex’s 52 week program
  • 104:47 – The importance of having a coach regardless of what level you are at
  • 107:30 – How to contact Alex

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