Improving overall health and wellness is one of the most common goals of Elite HRV users.

There is no perfect one-size-fits-all answer to improving health. No ideal diet or exercise protocol. No magic pill.

This is because you are unique – in your genetics, environment, microbiome and mindset.

Your health is a function of all of your organ systems, which are impacted by many of life’s daily stressors, like:

  • nutrition
  • amount of activity and exercise
  • sleep quantity and quality
  • emotional and societal stress
  • injury and infection
  • circadian rhythm
  • and much more.

Improving health is a matter of understanding which of these stresses are currently harmful versus helpful (i.e. adaptive).

HRV removes much of the guesswork from this process. This is because HRV is actually not just measuring your heart, but your nervous system (which is closely tied to all of your organs and their functions).

HRV analysis with the right tools can tell you:

  • Your current capacity to handle and recover from your overall stress load
  • As you make changes, how they change your capacity to recover

These HRV signs and patterns remain useful as you progress from illness to wellness and fitness.

It only takes a few minutes per week to use HRV for this purpose.

Curious to learn more? All you need is a compatible HRV sensor like our favorite (link) or one of these (link), and the Elite HRV app (link).