Reduce Injury, Disease and Aging by Prioritizing Proper Movement with Ryan Maxwell

Sep 30, 2019 | Health, Podcast, Science

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Episode Guest


CEO | Founder Fluid Health & Fitness

National Presenter | NASM continuing education provider | Celebrity trainer (Jillian Michaels’ “Bodyshred”) | ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer

Growing up, I lived in a household where my parents and family struggled with obesity and metabolic disease. We went to countless coaches, counselors, and therapists looking for guidance on how to get our health under control. I realized that while these individuals had good intentions of helping my family, there was always something missing. One would focus on diet but give little advice about exercise. Another would give lifestyle and emotional support but disregard movement. The net result being more confusion and frustration than achieving meaningful change. I realized then that to be truly successful, a person needed to have multiple coaches who all worked together. But who had the time or money for that? We certainly didn’t.

That’s why my vision for Fluid Health and Fitness was born from the need to deliver what the wellness industry was lacking: a system that considers and balances all of the elements of health and wellness in a way that fits into your lifestyle. One that meets you where you are at: not where we want you to be. And one that teaches you how your body really works.

So many programs put their focus on just one segment of health while glossing over or charging more for the others. This creates a disservice to their participants as the supporting elements make it possible to create positive changes. So we created an inclusive system that takes the average person looking to be the best version of themselves, and show them how to take a complicated process and make it simple. We give you a roadmap for health. At Fluid Health and Fitness, we call it “maintenance for life”.


In This Episode

1:00 – Intro to Ryan Maxwell of Fluid Health & Fitness

4:30 – Why he started Fluid Health & Fitness

6:45 – What are the major systems we should be aware of when looking at human movement?

12:00 – Inefficient movement can cause inflammation

13:50 – Loss of muscle mass and loss of strength as predictors of death 

15:05 – How does the nervous system, cardiopulmonary, and metabolic systems play into this?

22:45 – The spectrum of movement dysfunction to optimal human movement – what does this look like?

30:35 – Why it’s important to have a good “baseline” for proper movement

33:55 – Everyday example of how this is useful

39:40 – Exercise salience 

41:30 – Tools in the toolkit when looking at assessing somebody’s current movement condition

47:25 – Aging and injuries due to lack of movement ability

52:50 – Between strengthening exercises, stretching, active mobility or other intervention tools, which do you find most people are lacking in? 

57:25 – Tagline: Your body is designed to move, so you need to stay in motion

59:45 – A Gymnast Vs. a Bodybuilder Youtube video – strength vs. movement video

1:00:30 – Fascia: how does that relate to what we’ve been talking about?

1:06:00 – Intervention process: we really can have control over how we age, chronic pain, etc.

1:10:45 – Using small wins we can make early on to give us a cascade of motivation

1:11:25 – Where to find Ryan and Fluid Health & Fitness

1:14:15 – Wrap up

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