Heart rate monitor disconnected during reading

If your heart rate monitor happens to disconnect during an HRV reading, it will automatically try to reconnect for 20 seconds.

If it fails to reconnect after 20 seconds, the reading will end and will automatically be saved. After that, you must start a new reading to continue measuring your HRV.

Will your phone or tablet work with Elite HRV?

The Elite HRV app can be found on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. If your phone or tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0, and has either Android 4.3+ or iOS 7+, then it is likely compatible with Elite HRV.

Android Permissions

Android now requires location permissions for Bluetooth connections. Elite HRV does not access or save your GPS location, but apparently Bluetooth can be used to triangulate location (which we also don’t do), so it now requires location permissions.