The Pillars of Athlete Monitoring with Don Moxley

The Pillars of Athlete Monitoring with Don Moxley

Ever wonder what metrics correlate with world championship performance? Don Moxley, sport scientist at The Ohio State University, shares details about the exact tests he uses that have contributed to national titles and gold medals with his athletes.

What are HRV score, RMSSD, ln(RMSSD), SDNN, NN50, and PNN50?

Our HRV score is calculated from the RMSSD and represents the strength of your Autonomic Nervous System (specifically the Parasympathetic branch) at a given time. The other numbers provided are for reference for those interested in in more detailed analysis of their HRV data.

HRV Score Different Than Other Apps

Research standardized calculations such as RMSSD can still appear slightly different between systems. This could be due to differences in hardware (heart rate monitors, etc.). But it is usually due to differences in the way misreads and signal noise are handled.