Why the Vagus Nerve is Critical, and How to Heal It with Dr. Diana Driscoll

Mar 16, 2020 | Podcast, Research, Science

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Episode Guest

Dr. Diana Driscoll

Dr. Diana Driscoll is an internationally recognized researcher, inventor, speaker, author, and patient advocate. An optometrist by education, she was disabled for over a decade with “invisible illnesses”. Now fully recovered, she is the recipient of two patents to date and continues her research as President of Genetic Disease Investigators. She is the founder and Clinical Director of POTS Care — the only clinic dedicated to treating the underlying medical causes of POTS — not just the symptoms.  She is also a partner at TJ Nutrition.

Dr. Driscoll graduated summa cum laude from both The University of Houston College of Optometry and The University of Texas at Austin. She is a geek, through and through. She is a member of the International Society of Neurovascular Disease, the American Headache Society, the Medical Advisory Board for EDS Network C.A.R.E.S, the American Optometric Association, the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society, and served as a medical advisor for the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation.  

Her peer-reviewed medical abstracts include those involving vascular abnormalities in the fundus of POTS patients, the etiology of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction, and the use of acetazolamide in multiple sclerosis. She is the author of “The Driscoll Theory” — the publication revealing the propensity for high intracranial pressure in POTS patients that dramatically altered how this condition was evaluated and treated. She has also authored “Your Eyes and EDS”, and was the chief author of the “Ophthalmology Medical Resource Guide” for Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation. 

Dr. Driscoll is the recipient of numerous awards for patient advocacy and continues to donate her time to help others across the globe through her online forum and videos on YouTube.Her work in chronic inflammation, the autonomic nervous system, collagen disorders, and organ dysfunction can help others live their best life, as well as have their best body and mind.

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In This Episode

1:00 – Intro to Dr. Driscoll

4:35 – What led Dr. Driscoll to look into POTS

11:00 – Where does the Vagus nerve come in?

16:35 – Her surprising discovery involving nicotine 

20:00 – The importance of communication between the brain and the state of your organs

22:45 – Narrowing down the cause of her POTS

24:15 – Why using nicotine is not a good solution

26:20 – Neurotransmitters and why acetylcholine is important 

29:00 – The health of your autonomic nervous system and longevity

35:00 – How she went from the nicotine patch to her oral supplement

41:35 – Invisible illness: what is POTS, really?

47:00 – POTS and measuring HRV

50:00 – Top practical tips to start making progress towards improving Vagus nerve function

53:00 – Takeaways

55:15 – Where to find Dr. Driscoll

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