Train Yourself to Use Oxygen More Effectively

Train Yourself to Use Oxygen More Effectively

The way you perform under stress is closely connected to the breath. Dysregulated breathing limits your ability to perform mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, by training your body to use oxygen more effectively you will optimize performance while growing resilient to stress.

Improving Physical Performance With Heart Rate Variability

Improving physical performance is the most common goal of Elite HRV users. Physical performance improves over time when you: optimize training (i.e. not too much, not too little), avoid injuries that set you back, and avoid illness or other health concerns that...

Improving Mental Performance With Heart Rate Variability

Improved mental performance means: Faster and better decision-making (executive function) Improved mental stability Better stress tolerance and resilience All of the above are closely tied to improving not just brain health, but overall health as well. When stress...

Reducing Stress With Heart Rate Variability

Reducing mental stress is one of the most common goals of Elite HRV users. Sometimes the sources of chronic stress are hard to avoid: social and financial stress, emotional trauma, job-related demands, etc. But it is still possible to improve the body and mind’s...

Do you have Frequency values such as LF/HF ratio?

We currently do not use LF/HF ratio or other Frequency Domain calculations in the app. This is because research shows LF/HF to be very inconsistent and a poor estimate of the Autonomic Nervous System balance in short-term, rested measurements.