The Data Science Behind HRV with Dr. Marco Altini

Dec 1, 2016 | Android, Blog, Data, iOS, News, Podcast, Research, Science

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Episode Guest

Marco Altini, PhD

Data Scientist, Entrepreneur

Website(s):, BloomlifeHRV4Training

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In This Episode

In this episode, guest Dr. Marco Altini joins us to share some of the nitty gritty of how Data Science plays a role in Heart Rate Variability analysis and other types of quantifiable research and self experimentation. We discuss data confidence, coefficient of variation, cross-sectional data vs. longitudinal HRV data, absolute vs. relative HRV, why to focus on RMSSD Time-Domain HRV over Frequency-Domain or Non-Linear, HRV during pregnancy, and much more.
Marco is the lead data scientist at Bloom which is a pregnancy wearable technology company and he is the founder of HRV4Training.
  • 6:55 – About Marco Altini
  • 9:40 – How to increase confidence in your data for decision making
  • 12:20 – Confidently estimating for Individuals vs Populations
  • 14:30 – The difference in confidence between 3 morning HRV readings in a week vs 7 HRV readings in a week
  • 16:30 – Coefficient of Variation
  • 18:20 – The pros/cons of measuring HRV over months vs over weeks
  • 18:55 – Continuous feedback loops: How to make better decisions
  • 20:20 – How to capture acute changes in Heart Rate Variability
  • 21:01 – What is cross sectional data? Observational research & establishing causal links
  • 22:56 – What to do with “Longitudinal data” from multiple points in time
  • 24:46 – How to take cross sections and longitudinal measurements of HRV
  • 25:52 – The problem with “causality”. Increasing confidence, using Interventions vs Observations effectively
  • 27:22 – The fallacy of Heart Rate Variability snapshots and the power of new HRV technology
  • 29:53 – How bad it can be to take 1-2 data points with HRV readings
  • 31:22 – What is regression analysis and how do we use it with Heart Rate Variability?
  • 32:46 – Predicting HRV values for a person based on certain characteristics (age, gender, bodyweight, genetics)
  • 34:06 – Absolute HRV vs relative HRV changes
  • 35:36 – Is your HRV score good or bad?
  • 37:41 – Which variables affect HRV the most? A systematic look at exercise, sleep, alcohol, and other factors.
  • 41:21 – Why HRV responds differently to the same training by different individuals.
  • 42:46 – Quick and dirty Heart Rate Variability readings. How wrist-based HRV measurements stack up.
  • 46:06 – The accuracy of various HRV hardware
  • 48:46 – The price of admission for measuring HRV. The cost of a good heart rate monitor.
  • 49:55 – Why focus on RMSSD and Time Domain HRV values instead of Frequency or Non-Linear values?
  • 52:06 – The challenges of HF/LF and frequency domain HRV measures
  • 53:06 – HRV during pregnancy – third trimester drops in HRV
  • 55:06 – where to find Marco Altini (besides in the podcast show notes!)

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