Lab Testing for Better Decision Making with Christopher Kelly

Jun 8, 2017 | Android, Blog, Data, Health, iOS, Podcast, Science, Training

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Episode Guest

Christopher Kelly

Co-Founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, Coach, certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Pro Mountain Biker

Website(s): Nourish Balance Thrive

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In This Episode

Are all lab tests created equal? Chris Kelly breaks down the lab tests that get the best results for his athletes and health clients.

We talk blood work, hormone and cortisol testing, stool testing, and how to make better decisions given certain lab results. Join me in this great discussion with Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive!


  • 2:19 Chris Kelly’s story
  • 4:11 Strict elimination diet and Paleo/AIP
  • 4:50 Finding a functional medicine practitioner
  • 5:32 Medical doctor’s experience being a primary care doctor
  • 6:49 Tracking health in Chris Kelly’s program
  • 8:16 Changes are gradual / You don’t know what you don’t know
  • 9:15 Difficulties with wanting more / Backsliding / Diminishing returns
  • 11:43 Nourish, Balance, Thrive structure and team
  • 13:56 Program tests done at home / digital results analysis
  • 17:09 What are some labs that you run with your clients?
  • 22:00 Medicine is not designed to treat chronic disease
  • 26:50 Identifying health problems like a computer programmer
  • 28:34 Symptomatology is an expression of everything linked together
  • 30:00 Treating an issue with supplements vs lifestyle changes
  • 30:31 Lifestyle interventions and modifications
  • 32:40 Loneliness a danger to health
  • 35:00 Overcoming loneliness helps increase performance
  • 37:29 Data emerging on how pets effect the microbiome
  • 39:36 Study of stress in children and using animal interventions for psychological health
  • 41:07 The gut bacteria can effect decision making, psychology, and nutrient absorption
  • 42:05 Game-level interventions change millions of parameters, pharmaceuticals do not
  • 44:03 Getting program tests baseline
  • 46:03 Getting and analyzing test results
  • 48:27 Why working in two-week sprints with a to-do list is important
  • 49:14 Short term concrete goals work better
  • 50:32 A common set of tests and questions that are a good place to start for most people
  • 52:00 C-Reactive protein is a great marker to track but is non-specific
  • 52:42 Starting with a list of possibilities and narrowing it down to probabilities
  • 54:24 The Dutch Test for circadian rhythm
  • 57:06 The importance of sleep quality and circadian rhythm for good health
  • 59:08 Things overlooked during the day that can effect circadian rhythm
  • 1:00:50 “You don’t want to track the end result, you want to track the behaviors”
  • 1:02:36 Add context to what you’re tracking is important
  • 1:03:43 Very strong associations between chronic diseases and mental health disorders
  • 1:05:18 How often is something showing up in stool tests that needs addressing?
  • 1:05:50 Acellular carbohydrates may be promoting dysbiotic gut microbiota
  • 1:06:14 Reperfusion injury in the gut after endurance exercise
  • 1:07:00 Fixing the gut for long term results
  • 1:07:53 Why supplements may not be absorbed correctly
  • 1:08:37 Gut dysbiosis reducing insulin resistance
  • 1:09:27 Uses for Artemesia, Oregano oil, Biociden, Caprylic acid, Probiotics
  • 1:10:07 Saccharomyces boulardii for displacing clostridium
  • 1:10:42 A and B Toxins Clostridia produces on the stool test
  • 1:11:30 Where can people find you and your program?
  • 1:13:38 Elite Performance program goals

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