What are HRV score, RMSSD, ln(RMSSD), SDNN, NN50, and PNN50?

Our HRV score is calculated from the RMSSD and represents the strength of your Autonomic Nervous System (specifically the Parasympathetic branch) at a given time. The other numbers provided are for reference for those interested in in more detailed analysis of their HRV data.

What are RR intervals?

Basic Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the measured changes of the time intervals between successive heart beats. Unlike Heart Rate (HR) that averages the number of heart beats per minute, HRV looks much closer at the small fluctuations of the heart that occur in response to internal and external events.

HRV Score Different Than Other Apps

Research standardized calculations such as RMSSD can still appear slightly different between systems. This could be due to differences in hardware (heart rate monitors, etc.). But it is usually due to differences in the way misreads and signal noise are handled.

What is a good HRV score?

The average HRV score is 59.3 for Elite HRV users. Being above or below average is interesting to know, but it does not tell you whether your score is “good” or “bad”.

Is a higher HRV always ‘better’?

A higher HRV is generally a good thing, but there are exceptions which the app picks up on. You want your HRV to gradually increase over time (weeks, months, years). If you have taken a few Morning Readiness readings, you know that your HRV can go up and down slightly from day to day. This is normal and generally healthy.

How the HRV Baseline Works

During the first week, the app is establishing your baseline. It is looking to see what your average HRV values are as well as how much they fluctuate (standard deviation and coefficient of variation).

Why HRV Morning Readiness?

Heart Rate Variability can be affected by changes in circadian rhythm, hormonal shifts, and acute stressors throughout the day. Also, whatever you were doing before taking a reading has a very strong impact on the reading results.

Where can I view HRV trends and other data?

Certain trends (such as Daily Readiness, Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate) are viewable directly within the Elite HRV app on your preferred phone or tablet. More advanced trends (such as Coefficient of Variation, Sleep, Exercise) can be found on the web dashboard (link).

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