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Remove the Guesswork Podcast

Remove the Guesswork: health, fitness and wellbeing for busy professionals

How does HRV fit for these individuals? In this episode, Leanne talks to Jason Moore, the CEO of Elite HRV, about using HRV and biomarkers for busy professionals.

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Podcast: Beyond Your Wildest Genes

Check out the episode “Truly Optimize Health and Performance with Heart Rate Variability” on the Beyond Your Wildest Genes podcast. Dr. Noah De Koyer and guests Jason Moore from Elite HRV and Greg Elliott from G-Tech Health discuss how to use HRV for optimizing health and performance.

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Free Webinar: Nutrition, Sleep, Alcohol

UPDATE: Replay now available by clicking here

Third up in the free webinar series: Using HRV to Optimize Sleep, Nutrition & Alcohol.

In this webinar, we’ll cover how HRV can quickly tell you what sleep quality and quantity is optimal and what foods you are sensitive to (hint: it’s NOT “one-size-fits-all”). We’ll also cover the health impact of popular substances and guilty pleasures, like the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Again, the answer is highly dependent on your personal circumstances!

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Free Webinar: HRV to Optimize Training & Recovery

UPDATE: Replay now available by clicking here

The Elite HRV team is hosting a free webinar series on Kickstarter Live covering how to use HRV and CorSense to optimize stress, health, and performance.

Second up in the series: Using HRV to Tailor Your Training Plans and Optimize Your Recovery.
In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to find the sweet spot for exercise load – based on your goals – and, perhaps more importantly, some techniques for optimizing recovery and making sure that the exercise you do is actually producing positive results and not wasting your time.

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Free Webinar: Using HRV to Tackle Stress

UPDATE: Replay now available by clicking here

The Elite HRV team is hosting a free webinar series on Kickstarter Live covering how to use HRV and CorSense to optimize stress, health, and fitness.

First up in the series: Stress and Mental Resilience.
The stress of life comes from many different sources and can be tricky to balance while tackling your other goals. Join us to learn how exactly to use HRV to quickly improve your resilience to stress from work, family, commuting, relationships, and many of life’s surprises.

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CorSense is live on Kickstarter!

We are so excited to announce the new CorSense fingertip HRV monitor is now available on Kickstarter for pre-sale. Tap here to see the video and details about the new device!
We want to make sure that as Elite HRV users, you have the opportunity to get CorSense at it’s lowest price ever. This low price is limited to the first 500 backers so don’t miss your opportunity! Thank you for helping make this a reality.

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Infographic Time: Age isn’t Just a Number, It’s Yours to Control

Everyone ages at different rates. Our “true age” (also “biological age”) actually depends on systemic inflammation: from our lifestyle and environment combining with our genetics. True age represents our capacity for resilience, in tolerating and recovering from the inflammation of life stresses. By increasing this resilience, we could even get younger in true age! It requires frequent tracking of biomarkers like heart rate variability (HRV).

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Emotional Intelligence & HRV – Wellness Force Radio

Josh Trent interviews Jason Moore on topics including:

– We can sometimes spend years trying to develop our wellness intuition. We can speed up this process if we learn the proper ways to track and analyze our biological data through different forms of wellness tech.
– Extreme exercise might make us “better” at certain activities, but this may be at the expense of other parts of our wellness. Technology can help us know when to slow down so we don’t jeopardize important areas of our health.
– HRV can give us incredible insight into other areas of our wellness and how our body functions. We don’t need massive amounts of tracking with HRV, 5 minutes a day for a couple weeks can give us great insight into how we can adjust our lifestyle to improve our wellness.

Tap here to listen to the full conversation!

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